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History of the New World Trolls

This Field Guide is presented to assist the Troll Watcher in locating the New World Trolls and identifying critical habitat, behaviors, and field marks. The majority of these New World Trolls live in and around Mount Horeb, Wisconsin, commonly referred to as The Troll Capital of the World. This Field Guide was prepared by the ever diligent staff of The Wooden Chicken through a grant from the Institute of Troll Studies, Department of Troll Anthropology, Lars Hassenfaust, III, Director. The staff, as usual, does not respond well to complaints and the staff is not responsible for any error, omission, misstatement, misdirection, or misunderstanding. However, Michael J. Feeney, artist and nominal overseer of the staff has made every effort to provide you, the Troll Watcher, with an interesting foray into viewing the unusual and unique lives of the New World Trolls.

For the more compulsive Troll Watchers, (also referred to as list people or tupperware personalities) the Troll Spotter List is provided.

Each New World Troll is listed and you may mark in a semi-permanent record each Troll as you are fortunate enough to spot it.

The Troll Spotter List is sponsored by The Wooden Chicken